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Tony Suhartono |
Hello from Bermuda
Your website looks great! keep up the good work and we'll be in touched soon.
27 May 2003 - Bermuda Triangle

hi everybody.....
your site are great. keep it update.
4 April 2003 - indonesia

Hi, I'm from the Power Aikido Website in Indonesia. Thanks for your visit.
Once a week we visited a cross martial-art training where different martial art are taught each week, and there we experienced energy training. The experience is very similar to your methodology. Let's trade links!
3 March 2003 - Indonesia

Sun Zhishen/Niio Gokuu |
I am especially fond of your Methodology page. I am a Rational Skeptic in terms of Inner Energy and the way you explain how Inner Energy works is simple, down to earth, and sticks to the PRINCIPLES of Inner Energy training without ruining the CONCEPT of Inner Energy.
1 March 2003 - Monterey, CA, USA

Respected Sir/Madam, I am a yoga & martial art expert . providing training in karate, taekwondo, yoga, tai-chi, kick boxing etc. for the last fifteen years in Delhi. i provide personal & group training at your place where ever you are located at your comfort. would you like to practice & learn, then pls. contact me on my phone . 011- 26153198 e-mail with best regards thank you DIRECTOR
9 January 2003 - INDIA

Southern Belle
This is a great site! Keep it up, thanks for visiting my website! Since you said to visit your site and maybe I'll figure out my New Year's resolution, I think this year I'll try to sign up for martial arts classes, I've been dying to do so for a long time.
4 January 2003 - California

bruno rebelo |
Salutations from Europe - Portugal.
Nice, realy nice, keep up.
30 December 2002 - Portugal

Enjoyed the website. Have a great Christmas.
19 December 2002 - UK

Sifu Michael |
Very nice site. Keep up the good work.
Sat Dec 14 15:32:36 2002 - Tavares

Tony Hayes |
Hello, Thank you for signing the guestbook at my website, party was great...will be posting pitures very soon.Keep checking back as I am upgrading my website sometime in the very near future,good website you have here.Good job!!! Respect, Kru Tony Hayes :-) 2 x Muay Thai Champion
Sat Dec 14 00:28:55 2002 - Warwick

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